General Features of Concur Connector for Xero

The Concur Xero integration will create a purchase invoice within Xero for each Expense report or invoice approved for payment within Concur.

The integration will automatically create a staff member as a contact in Xero or a supplier record for supplier invoices. 

All images submitted within Concur as part of an expense claim will be transferred and attached to the Purchase invoice record in Xero.

Much of the information, such as description, reference and tax codes can be configured depending on the customer needs. The integration also supports Xero tracking codes, mapped to data lists from Concur to track financial data.

The Concur Xero integration comes with a strong error reporting engine. This means that if for any reason a transaction does not transfer successfully from Concur to Xero we will notified and can deal with any such error in good time and keep our customers up to date on resolved errors as well as changes needed within their setup to prevent any issues in the future.

Integration can be scheduled as per customer needs but can also be manually triggered to ensure transactions are transferred across when needed.

Our integration also supports:

  • All instances of Xero where a purchase order can be raised (excludes some partner Xero versions)
  • Any locale of Xero (UK, AUS, NZ, US and International)
  • Multiple currencies
  • An unlimited number of Xero instances in case you want to use one instance of Concur across all your businesses or business units.
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